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“I almost lost my leg. I have diabetes, and despite taking my medication and following my diet, I had a wound that would not heal. I was scheduled for surgery when I heard about hyperbaric medicine. It’s the miracle I was praying for. My wound healed and I feel great.”

      Jan Minouski
      Diabetes Patient

Back in 1969, Sharon Washington suffered a severe injury to her foot.  She later developed foot ulcers and osteomyelitis that failed to improve despite treatment by various specialists. An amputation of her entire foot was recommended.

In May of 2002, a Jacobi nurse told Sharon about the hospital’s state of the art Hyperbaric Center. Sharon started hyperbaric treatments in July of 2002 and after thirty treatments, the wound had fully healed. She now is pain free and walks without difficulty.

Sharon Washington and James Tyrrell

Sharon Washington has the highest praise for the staff of Jacobi’s Hyperbaric Unit. “I was wheelchair-bound and now I can walk and lead a normal life. Every time I came to Jacobi’s hyperbaric chamber I was treated with the greatest respect. I can’t tell you enough how kind these people were to me. They are the best.”

“I have yet to see a surgical treatment failure in patients with radiation injuries treated in the hyperbaric chamber.”

      Dr. Arthur Adamo
      Associate Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
      Albert Einstein College of Medicine


“I was skeptical at first, but the Jacobi Hyperbaric Chamber has made a believer of me.”

      Michael Coomaraswamy, M.D.
      Head and Neck Surgeon
      Jacobi Medical Center






















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